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I have not confessed this publicly yet, so I may as well do it now: I love putting together puzzles. This has actually become sort of a family Christmas tradition. Every Christmas, I bring down a new puzzle and my mom and I put it out and spend hours upon hours putting the puzzle together, the goal being to get it completed in the few days that I'm visiting. In 2008, I brought down a 2000 piece puzzle and we didn't get it finished. This past year, I ended up buying a 1000 piece puzzle at B&N while I was down there and we managed to get it finished. Here's what it looked like after we'd gotten it out on the coffee table and had been playing with it for a day or so:

Any idea what it's a picture off? Well, the small little part we have finished there in white is a gigantic clue. So after about three or four days of working together, we got it done:

So, while I was down there, my mom informed me that the 2000 piece puzzle we'd been working on in 2008 had been put back in its box, but with the parts we had done more or less intact. I decided I'd take it home and see if I could get it finished. I got the box home and carefully removed all of the pieces we'd managed to get together and reassembled them:

The puzzle in the picture is actually upside down because I couldn't get a good enough "right-side-up" picture with the lighting in that room. Anyway, I got working. This puzzle turned out to be much more difficult than it looked, not just because it had twice as many pieces, but there was no obvious place to tackle first and enough different parts of the puzzle were similar in color that you couldn't start separating little sections out (like we did with the white horse in the 1000 piece puzzle).

In any case, I've managed to finish it. Here's the final puzzle (upside down still). I chose this puzzle because I have this thing for old maps like this. (My mom is the horse lover, which is why I got the first puzzle I showed you.)

So, I feel fulfilled. The nagging feeling something had been left undone is gone, now that the 2008 puzzle is finished. And so I move on. In a random act of splurging and insanity, I bought a 9000 piece puzzle of a ship battle AND an 18,000 piece puzzle that's really four different 4500 piece map puzzles that they've put borders on to make it one large picture. The 4500 piece puzzles are bagged separately, thank god. My plan is to do the 45000 piece puzzles individually first, then put them all together to get the giant puzzle.

And after that I'll tackle the 9000 piece puzzle. I'm not sure where I'm going to put that one up. I don't think it will fit on my table.

(Now that I have photographic evidence of finishing the 2000 piece puzzle, I need to rip it apart and box it. I never glue my puzzles when I'm done.)


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