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I've heard lots about Sandman from various people and so I finally broke down and decided to get the first volume and read it. I haven't read many graphic novels (Watchmen and V for Vendetta are the other two), so that's what I'm comparing this to in the long run. Overall, I thought the story itself was not as involved as the other two, not as developed, and a little erratic in quality. There were issues in here that I absolutely loved and ones that I read and could easily have passed on. A very erratic start. I realize that there are 10 other volumes of novels after this, and having talked to a few people, I know that the story gets much more involved and fully developed as it progresses, but if I'd read this one volume without having heard about the improvement in those that come . . . I probably would not have continued to read the series. There was some really good storytelling in here in places, and I can see the potential for the rest of the series, but I'm not certain I'd have continued regardless.

One of the things that I found disappointing was the artwork. I wasn't as drawn in by the style of the art, although it got better as the issues progressed again. It feels too . . . cluttered to me, with alot of detail and background elements that I didn't feel needed to be there. I also had some issues with the colorations of panels. But in the end, I'm willing to go with the flow as long as the story draws me along and for the most part that's what happened here.

And the story did draw me along, even if there were a few missteps on occasion. It pulled me along enough (and I've benn reassured enough by others) that I've already bought the second volume. The last few issues, that focused more on Sandman himself and tried less to integrate him into the DC universe, gives me hope that what people are saying about what happens later is true.


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