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I'd like to announce the sekrit projekt that Patricia Bray and I have been dancing around and hinting at for the past few months: an anthology sale! DAW Books, through Tekno, has officially bought the rights to an SF&F anthology called AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR, to be edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray. This is an invitation-only anthology and is NOT open to . . . well, open submissions. The invitations have already been sent. Here's the mini-description of the anthology and the types of stories that it will contain:

The first bar, created by the Sumerians after they were given the gift of beer by the gods, was known as the Ur-Bar. Although it has since been destroyed, its spirit lives on--in each age there is one bar that captures the essence of the original Ur-Bar, where drinks are mixed with magic and served with a side of destiny and intrigue. Heroes, villains, poets and thieves may be found within its walls; when the gods visit Earth they stop by the Ur-Bar for a drink.

The entire idea occurred during drinks at a convention among a group of great authors, and for once we wrote the idea down and sold it. The due date is summer 2010, so the best guess for a release date is sometime in 2011. We'll keep you posted when that becomes final, and also when the table of contents has been finalized.

I'm really excited about this. I get to be an editor! It adds something new to my publishing credentials, and I get to work with a bunch of great authors. And guess where all of the anthology meetings are going to be held? *grin*


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