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First up, Julie E. Czerneda--who has a new book out this month, Rift in the Sky--is offering up a copy of the book as a prize over at the [personal profile] dawbooks community. In addition to entering her contest by commenting with what you think the answers are, any comment automatically enters you into the running for the montly free DAW paperback for July! So two contest entries in one over there. But you have to enter at that post to be qualified.

In addition, and to my utter shock, I've been put on programming at Worldcon. I figured I'd registered a little too late to be included in the planning process. Here's my tentative schedule for the con so far. I need to discuss this with my partner to see if we'll be there for all of the days and whatnot, but if there are any changes made to this, I'll announce them when it's a little closer to the con. But here you guys go. They seem to have really thought about what panels I'd be good for, based on what I write. I'm impressed.

Friday, August 7th:

2pm: Author Reading: Leah Bobet, Elaine Isaak, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Joshua Palmatier will do readings for this hour and a half event held in P-512AE. (English)

3:30pm: Preparing to Write a Series: M.D. Benoit, Laura Anne Gilman, Joe Haldeman, Mindy Klasky, Joshua Palmatier, and Fiona Patton discuss the following in a one hour event held in P-522B: How does a writer plan to write a series? Or is it unplanned until you sign the contract? Writers discuss how they set up and wrote novels that are part of a "series." (English)

Saturday, August 8th:

11am: Writing Workshop U: M.D. Benoit and Joshua Palmatier will run a critique session for previously submitted manuscripts at this two hour event held in D-Vitre. (English)

Sunday, August 9th:

11am: Writing in a Culture Not Your Own: Emma Hawkes and emma_in_oz, David D. Levine, Joshua Palmatier, David Sklar, and Kaaron Warren comment on the following for this one hour event held in P-522B: How does a writer get into the head of a character from a different culture, race, planet, gender? How can writers include diversity in their writing without using stereotypes? Or should they not try at all? (English)

1:30: Signing: For 30 minutes, Joshua Palmatier will be nailed down at a table and will sign copies of his books, or whatever else you have for him to sign. But never fear, if you miss him at the official signing, you can catch him at the succeeding Kaffeklatsch, where he'll also be willing to sign whatever you've got. I'm not sure where the signings are going to be held. It only says "other" in my information. It also says I'll be signing for twelve hours and thirty minutes, but I'm assuming that's a typo. (English)

2pm: Kaffeeklatsch: Come drink coffee, hot chocolate, or even a White Russion with Joshua Palmatier for this day long *ahem* I mean one hour event held in P-521B. Ask anything you want, all those burning questions. You may even get a coherent answer. (English, or an approximation thereof)

4:30pm: Writing Gender Issues: Jason Bourget, Jane Carnall, Lila Garrott-Wejksnora, Anne Harris, Nancy Johnston, John Kessel, and Joshua Palmatier answer the following questions for this one hour event held in P-513B: How do writers approach gender and gender issues? What’s taboo? Can women write men and men write women without making a mess of it? How do you write a story that explores gender issues without hitting the reader over the head? (English)


So that's my schedule according to them. And OMG, I've got a reading with Guy Gavriel Kay! *pause while I hyperventilate* Someone might actually be there! So who else is going to Worldcon?
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OK, I've thought about what I could do for a contest for the German foreign sales rights of the Throne of Amenkor series. Some of the ideas included:

1. Getting people to post pictures of themselves in lederhosen.
2. Beer drinking contest. Who can stay standing the longest!
3. Best translation of some text written in German. Naughty text of course.
4. Best video of people dancing/singing to German folksongs.

All of these were way too complicated to arrange, or way too expensive. So I decided to keep things simple. All you have to do to enter is post a comment to this post and you'll be entered into a random drawing for a copy of "Die Assassine", the German edition of The Skewed Throne. You have until November 21st to post your comment. Everyone who posted a comment congratulating me on the sale in this post or the follow-up post have already been entered into the contest and do not need to post again. A winner will be selected sometime after November 21st. The prize will be sent as soon as I manage to get my hands on my author copies, which won't be until sometime next year, but you can brag about eventually owning such a copy to all of your friends. I'll sign the copy of course. *grin*

So that's it. I'll probably run another contest when the book is actually released. But for now, comment and possibly win! And have a tankard of virtual German ale with me to celebrate!


PS--Dont forget about the "Spirit of Giving" contest still going on, as well as the free book you could win by commenting over at the [ profile] dawbooks blog, where I just posted a discussion about R.M. Meluch's U.S.S. Merrimack science fiction series, since the newest book in the series Strength and Honor is one of the new releases this month.


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